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What is the difference between Private Label accounts and Reseller accounts?

There are minor differences in terms of the tools that are available, the level of branding and the functionality of the website builder. As a general rule clients who expect to have more than 1,000 clients using x2cms are recommended to signup as private label which, with this number of accounts, is more cost effective. For smaller clients who expect to have 50 - 750 accounts the major benefit of the reseller program is the low startup costs combined with only paying for what you use. This allows you to start small and grow your business.

Because reseller accounts share sever resources with other resellers there are no minimum fees to pay each month (which is the case with Private Label accounts which do not share servers) however because of this the Plesk control panel used for hosting management is generically branded (usually something like with generic branding on Plesk of "Host Control") and not specifically branded with your company name or logo.

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How long does it take to get setup as a reseller?

On average around 5 -10 days. We can usually setup your account within 48 hours of receiving a signed copy of the agreement however under normal circumstances we still need to discuss with you any integration, API connections, billing software etc. If you are all ready to go we can get you up and running within 2- 3 days.

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Can I set my own packages?

Yes, you can. We allow you to create up to three packages and set limits to them accordingly including hard drive space, bandwidth, databases, email accounts etc. Once you have set your limits we will give you specific pricing for each package depending on the amount of resources used.

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Can I use my own billing software and existing website?

Yes, you can. We will need to discuss with you how your existing software will communicate with our API.

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What if I don't have any billing software or an existing website?

We can install and configure one of the best billing software tools on the market (WHMCS) and we can create a website for you based on your requirements. Pricing varies depending on your requirement so please discuss your needs with us and we will prepare a quote.

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Do you provide turnkey website's?

No, we don't. We haven't found a customer yet that wants to be limited by what our impression is of how they want to run their own business.

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Can I set my own pricing to my customers?

Yes, you can. Once you let us know what limits (drive space, bandwidth, email addresses) etc you want to include in your three packages we will give you a fixed price for each type of package, per month, per customer. You can then set your own pricing to charge your own customers.

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How much does it cost to be an x2cms reseller?

Costs vary depending on the packages you want to offer your customers and how much resources the packages offer. As a general rule small packages that use low resources (e.g. 50mb hard drive space, 10GB bandwidth and 5 email addresses) will cost around $2.50 per client per month. Packages that use a lot of resources will, of course, cost more. The setup fee for reseller accounts is currently $380 and includes creation of your account, branding, consultation on billing/integration and testing of your setup.

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Do you have an API?

Yes, we have an API and accounts can also be managed manually through our Reseller Admin site. Currently we can provide modules that auto-create via our API from WHMCS.

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Can I use 3rd party software such as WHMCS?

Yes, of course. In fact we recommend it and we also offer a setup and configuration service of WHMCS for a small fee. We also offer a module for WHMCS for our API free of charge.

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Can I be a reseller and use my own server hardware?

No, if you wish to use your own server infrastructure please see our Private Label service.

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How many templates are included in the website builder?

Over 200 professionally designed templates are currently included with more added regularly.

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Can I use my own templates?

Yes, you can add your own templates through Reseller Admin. Templates you import are only visible to your own customers and not to other resellers etc.

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Can I import sites I have created before?

Yes, the website builder includes a tool to import existing website's.

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Are the pages x2cms Website Builder creates SEO friendly?

Yes, they are. As a general rule all pages are straightforward HTML and you can even edit the html with the website builder. Page names are chosen by you or your customers e.g. contactus.html (and not an unusual search engine unfriendly system of /pages/p1 etc). The website builder also allows you to quickly and easily set your meta tags and has some basic SEO tools built in including Google site map etc.

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Can I edit/update the underlying html of pages?

Yes, you can. This is the number one reason many designers and developers are x2cms resellers. You can edit the html directly.

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Can my clients have databases or install third party software?

Yes, of course. As Plesk forms the backbone of your clients hosting you and your clients have full control over the hosting configuration.

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Can my clients use php/asp/ etc?

Yes, of course. We use Windows servers to allow you to use the largest array of server technology.

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Is everything branded to my company/business?

Absolutely everything with the exception of access to Plesk/Hosting configuration. This is generic branded (e.g.

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What does Reseller Admin allow me to do?

Reseller admin allows you to create your packages, manage/add/delete accounts, login to your clients accounts and control additional aspects of your accounts.

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Can you provide domain registration tools?

Of course, we partner with Enom to provide you with low cost domain registrations for your clients.

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What support do you provide?

We act as second line support to your customers. This means that in any instance your customer requires support they will contact you first. If you are unable to assist them you can contact us to assist you with their query. We are also your first line of support if you are having issues with the website builder, reseller admin or account creation.

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Do you provide support ticket software?

No, we would rather concentrate on creating the worlds best website builder :). However, we can recommend some software for you (WHMCS, Kayako) and even install it or configure it for you for a small fee.

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Your question not covered?

If you have a reseller question that is not covered in our FAQ or elsewhere on our website please contact us.

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